McCarthy Hennings Whalen, Inc.

In the world of political and issue advertising, there’s just one question that counts.

Did the ad work?

At MHW, we partner with our clients to create tailored campaigns: from hyper-targeted online advertising and web videos to national broadcast television buys. We match creative messaging with the right medium.

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"Chinese Professor"

Larry McCarthy has created some of the most famous and effective TV ads in political history – "Ashley's Story" (2004), "Saved" (2007), "Chinese Professor" (2010), "Wake Up" (2011), "Baggage" (2011), "Basketball" (2012), and most recently Senator Mitch McConnell’s "Commercials" ad. U.S. News & World Report named "Commercials" the best ad of 2014.

In recent cycles MHW principals have worked on winning statewide campaigns in Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, and New Hampshire, and scores of successful issue campaigns in Senate and House races.

In 2014 MHW served as media consultant for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose campaign was credited with some of the most effective spots of the cycle. MHW also helped guide Senator Susan Collins to reelection in Maine, and helped elect Doug Ducey Governor of Arizona. MHW also partnered with national independent expenditure groups to support dozens of winning campaigns across the country.