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Larry McCarthy

Larry McCarthy has created some of the most famous and effective TV ads in political history – “Ashley’s Story” (2004), “Saved” (2007), “Chinese Professor” (2010), “Wake Up” (2011), “Baggage” (2011), “Basketball” (2012), and Senator Mitch McConnell’s “Commercials” ad. U.S. News & World Report named “Commercials” the best ad of 2014.

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Rob Hennings

Over 25 years, Rob has worked on numerous House races, IE campaigns, ballot measures — as well as the campaigns of Senators Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, John Barrasso, Lisa Murkowski and more.

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Dave Whalen

Dave Whalen is a strategist, writer & producer with more than two decades of experience translating quantitative and qualitative research into effective political and advocacy campaigns.

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Meg Maffey

Meg Maffey is an Associate Producer at McCarthy Hennings Whalen, Inc.

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Mike Bautista

Mike Bautista is an editor with more than a decade of experience in editing TV commercials, long-format TV, and digital.

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Below you’ll find a small sample of our political work, as well as some of our ballot and issue spots.

If you’re interested in viewing a custom reel, please contact us.


Senator Mitch McConnell

“Lied To”

Senator Mitch McConnell


Senator Mitch McConnell


Senator Mitch McConnell

“Vote Streak”

Senator Susan Collins

“You Know Her”

Senator Susan Collins


Senator Susan Collins


Senator Susan Collins


Senator Susan Collins


Senator John Barrasso


Senator John Barrasso


Governor Doug Ducey

“Chinese Professor”

Citizens Against Government Waste

“Clear Choice”

Republican Attorneys General Association

“Spelling Bee”

American Crossroads


Senate Leadership Fund

“What Happened”

Senate Leadership Fund


Senate Leadership Fund


Senate Leadership Fund


Commonwealth Future


Republican Governors Association


Congressional Leadership Fund

Ballot Initiatives

“What Happens”

No on Prop 15


No on Prop 21

“Bad Future”

No on Prop 10


Arizonans for Affordable Energy


Idaho United Against Prop 1


No on AZ 205

“15 Pages”

No on AZ 204


Yes on AZ 123

“What’s In It for You?”

Let’s Rebuild California


Right to Work for Oklahomans


Citizens Against Legalized Lottery

“Moving Again”

Charles Town Races and Slots

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